Rapid Weight Loss Is More Water Than Fat

Many people desire to lose weight as quickly as possible. They are often intrigued by products or services that offer rapid weight loss. It might seem appealing to believe that they are finally on the right path and will be able to follow through and lose weight. However, there is a downside to rapid weight loss. Many dieters who use these quick fat loss products soon find they lose hope after experiencing rapid weight loss. Their fat loss rate almost always slows down. It might seem great that all of the bodyweight loss experienced in the initial phase was due to body fat. However, losing body weight is not difficult. It is also not an exaggeration for many diet experts to admit that they are aware of this fact, but deliberately fail to or refuse to educate dieters about the weight loss phenomenon.

Weight Loss

The body will only begin to burn fat for energy when its glycogen stores are severely depleted. Each gram of fat contains twice as many calories as 1 gram glycogen. Therefore, it would take double the calories to lose 1g of glycogen. It is important to remember that some weight loss programs, in order to appear quick, use diuretics to create the appearance of Weight Loss. Both drugs and diuretic herbals, which promote water loss through the kidneys, are diuretics. The rapid and immediate bodyweight loss effect is almost the same regardless of whether it is a traditional diet, a fad or a diet pill. This effect can be significantly increased by diets with strict caloric restriction or high protein. These weight loss diets can lead to body water loss, which is easy to see on the toilet.

The dieter also runs the risk of becoming dehydrated. A commitment to regular exercise and healthy eating habits is the key ingredient in achieving and maintaining weight loss. If dieters are able to understand their body weight, they will be more likely to lose it during the first stages of a diet program. Their focus and expectations will not be overly affected as they will now know exactly where they are and what they can expect. It is easier for dieters to understand the intricacies of losing weight, such as the body water reduction concept. This helps to design a fat loss plan that anticipates and handles minor setbacks without the dieter feeling discouraged. A long-term, sensible weight loss program that focuses on body fat should not be limited to scale weight loss. A person must make positive, permanent lifestyle changes to achieve long-term weight loss. This includes regular exercise and calorie control.